Geepas GCS1200-240, 1200W 185mm - Multi-Purpose Circular Saw, for Wood, Mild Steel & Plastic

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  • Adjustable cutting depth and cutting angle 90 ° cutting angle can reach 65mm cutting depth. With an inclination angle of 45 °, a cutting depth of 65 mm can be achieved and various cutting angles can be set.
  • Built-in Laser and Scale Guide makes cutting straighter, more accurate and more professional. The guide ruler also guarantees cutting width guidance and control. Note: It is recommended to adjust the gear position when cutting the material, as the saw blade will get caught in the low gear if cut hard and will burn if caught for a long time.
  • Safety Switch and Aluminium Guard can effectively reduce accidents, Aluminium Guard will increase various applications and extend the service life of the tool. The optimized ergonomic slim handle ensures lightweight and reduced fatigue with one-handed operation.
  • Effective and powerful Geepas 185mm handheld circular saw features a powerful 1500W motor. Supports all common sawing applications with wood cutting depths up to 65 mm.
  • Standard Equipment Wood cutting blade1-pc, Parallel guide1-pc, Hex Key- 1pc