JOYBOS Magnetic Window Cleaner Adjustable Magnetic Glass Brush Anti-Drop High Quality High Magnetic Double Glass Window Cleaner

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Q:Why are there products with and without rods?

A:The product with rod is suitable for cleaning high double-layer glass, and the product without rod is suitable for wiping lower glass, which is flexible and convenient

Q:Why is it recommended to buy products with rods?

A:Because the product with rod can be deformed, it can be used as a hand-held model or assembled to wipe high-rise glass

Q:Why choose this product?

A 1: The one with the rod can be deformed and can be used for multiple purposes
A:2: Magnetic properties can be adjusted according to the thickness of the glass
A:3: The magnetism is very strong, don't worry about the lack of magnetism

Note: This window wiper is very magnetic. When not in use, you need to turn down the magnetism and isolate it with the barrier we donated, which is convenient for next use.

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