Smart Toothbrush Sterilizer Punch-Free Wall-Mounted Tooth Brush Holder Automatic Induction UV Sterilization Bathroom Accessories

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Smart induction toothbrush disinfection stand:

1、Intelligent induction, at your fingertips, UVC+UVA ultraviolet double sterilization;
2、Interactive opening and closing, automatic cover closing, automatic disinfection, automatic stop when opening cover;
3、Double disinfection, 360-degree purification of the brush head, Nano silver antibacterial and antifungal technology,effective suppression;Directly destroy the molecular structure of the DNA or RNA of bacteria, So that the bacteria die or cannot reproduce to achieve the purpose of sterilization, UVC+UVA ultraviolet sterilization belongs to physical sterilization, Safe and environmentally friendly;
4、The independent toothbrush hole design prevents the toothbrushes from touching each other, Each hole is equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp beads,which is more reasonable and hygienic;
5、The smart toothbrush sterilizer has an LCD visual electronic screen. At the same time, the power level, the disinfection progress, the fan, and the working status can be displayed on the device screen;
6、Healthy circulation ventilation to eliminate the existence of bacteria and avoid the secondary breeding of bacteria;

Product parameters

Product name:Smart Toothbrush Sterilizer
Product number:JY-YS03
Operating Voltage:3.7V
Working current:100mA
Input voltage:5V
Rated power:1W
Battery capacity:2000mAh
Product Size:26*5*4cm
Product weight:265g
Installation method:SMD mount
Sterilization method:UVA+UVC double sterilization

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