Hardwood Hand Shovel Long Handle Square Point with High-Quality Carbon Steel for Longer Life

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• Made with top quality carbon steel that offers longer life span
• Heat-treated and tempered steel for more prominent strength and longer service life
• Forward turned steps for safe footing on the shovel
• Sharp blade edge can go deep in tough ground with less effort
• Designed for better moving and lifting
• It has hardwood handle for more durability
• Hardwood ash shaft for strength and ease to hold the handle and offers maximum stability
• Rust resistant
• Long Handle Square Point Hand Shovel Carbon Steel Digging Square Point Tool.
• 120 cm wooden handle has ergonomic design and is made of wood from renewable sources
• Square point
• heavy-duty handle
• Steel collar reinforces head to handle connection while doing task.
• Can complete various tasks related to farming, gardening, and construction with a laser-cut sharp blade

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