Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer Diffuser Wood & Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser With Warm LED Light For Home Office Room Fragrance

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Essential Oil nebulizing Waterless Diffuser Made of Wood & Glass, Non-Toxic Spread of Pure Aroma, Professional and Stylish Aromatherapy Atomizer for Home SPA

1. Real Wood Base,no plastic.
2.Heat Free Cold Vapor - No heat or water used preserving the healing nature of the essential oils
3.All Natural Glass Bottle and Wood Base - no plastics or artificial materials every come in contact with the oils
4.Adjustable Aroma Intensity - fill a small space or up to a 30' x 30' area
5.Built in timer function with auto shut-off after 3 hours
6.Enjoy the atmosphere with the lovely fragrance fills up your home, gym, baby room, bedroom, bathroom, office, working place.

* NO HEAT/WATER REQUIRED:Unlike oil warmers and water-based aromatherapy oil diffusers, this one does not require any heat or H2O. Instead of diluting the oils, the glass diffuser's ability to dispense a cool vapor of course preserves the integrity and quality of your therapeutic grade essential oils. This gives you a cleaner, smoother and more aromatic vapor.
* ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY:We understand that sometimes you need a little more or a bit less fragrance depending on your mood, which is why we made it a point to equip our wooden diffuser with a knob that allows you to control the intensity of the aromatic vapor.
* AUTO-SHUT OFF FEATURE:These unique air diffusers dispense a scented vapor in 10 minute intervals
(10 minutes on, 30 minutes). Each scent diffuser is also outfitted with a convenient auto-off feature which automatically turns the device off after 3 intervals just in case you forget to power it down before leaving the home or office.
* EASY TO USE:Stop fussing with those clunky room diffusers that barely deliver any aroma~ and instead get yourself one of these user-friendly natural oil diffusers. You don't need to add any water or apply any heat, so they are much easier and safer to use.

There are 7 colors mood light,Auto changing color Light. To suit various environments.

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