Elephant Hand Shovel with Brazilian Redwood Handle

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  • A hand shovel is an apparatus for scooping, digging, and moving free materials like coal, rock, earth, snow, sand, and tarmac area Great for exploring while farming or planting.
  • Super lightweight and tough wooden handle. Made of iron, firm and solid to utilize.
  • It is excellent for setting up camp, gardening, climbing, use, outdoor activities and exploration. The wooden handle provides a perfect grip.
  • They can be necessary for various activities such as lifting, digging, and moving tasks. Manufactured in Brazil Handle is made of redwood 1.48 meters
  • Handle hang hole gives simple storage capacity
  • Material Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
  • Pointed Head and Hand Shovel are traditional instruments generally utilised in construction, farming, gardening and landscaping.
  • Hand Shovel is an instrument for lifting, digging, and moving mass materials, like coal, soil, rock, sand, snow, or mineral. Most digging tools are hand tools comprising of.
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