Hair Dryer Cradle Wall Mounted Cosmetic Storage Holder Straightener Stand Storage Box Tissue Organizer Shelf Bathroom Accessorie

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Product parameters

Product name: multi-functional hair dryer rack

Material: iron

Dimensions: as shown in the figure below

Process: paint baking process

Product features

Classified storage/High capacity storage

Cosmetic storage,Hair dryer area,Tissue area

Upgrade with towel rack

No punching, no wall damage

Round corners do not hurt hands

Easy installation without damaging the wall

1. Wipe the wall

Wipe the wall with a wet towel and dry it with a hair dryer

2. Glue the back to the wall

Apply multiple layers of nail free adhesive evenly on the back

Press evenly for 1-2 minutes

3. Attach the auxiliary sticker

Paste_ Do not put other heavy objects after applying the auxiliary sticker

4. Wait for 48 hours

Don't put anything, wait for 48 hours

After the nail free glue is completely dry, you can use it with confidence

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