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PROBE TEMP Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer
Supported Devices: iOS and Android system mobile phone or pad. Temperature Resistance: Probe< 120°C,Head of Probe< 320°C
Name of APP PROBE TEMP Charging Time: 5~10 Minutes
Connection Type: Bluetooth 4.2 and higher version Using time of Full Power: 5~6 hours
Connection Distance Over 30 M, Max 60 M Charing Type: Bamboo charging station, USB to Type-C
Material: FDA 304 Stainless steel / Good Grade PEEK / Bamboo
Probe Size: Probe Length:125 * 12mm,
Probe Diameter:5.5 mm
Grade of Waterproof: IPX7 Size of Charging Dock 162 *38 *23.2mm
Temperature Refresh Frequency: 1 Second Weight of Product: N.W. : 86g
G.W. : 172g
Readout Time: 2~4 S Packaging Size: 173 * 48 * 38 mm
Temperature Range: 0~100° C (32°~212 °F) Packaging Box Neutral Box
Display Accuracy: 1°C/F

Temperature Accuracy: +/-1° C (+/-1.8° F)



 1. Do not touch the probe directly with your hand during use to avoid burns, as the surface temperature of the probe is very high.
2. The charging dock is not waterproof, please do not rinse the charging holder with water. In addition, although the probe is IPX7 waterproof,
do not immerse the probe in water for a long time to avoid damage.
3. The probe cannot be burned with open flame or directly contact with the heating source, because the temperature of the open flame or
heating source is above 500 degrees, which will directly damage the probe .
4. When the probe is inserted into meat (food), it must exceed the safety notch marked in the probe, otherwise the product will be damaged .
5. Please use the accessories that come with the package, such as charging cable and charging socket.
6. Do not use this device in a microwave oven or pressure cooker.
7. The device is not dishwasher suitable. Wash by hand with soap and water before/after use .
8. The temperature range of the probe is 0 to 100 degrees Celsius, beyond which potential damage may occur.
9. This product is not a toy. Keep away from children. Be careful when using this device with children nearby .
10. This product is specially designed for the use of meat (food). Do not use the product for unintended purposes .

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