DP to VGA DisplayPort Male to VGA Female Converter Adapter Cable 1080P For TV Laptop Computer Projector

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Product Features

1) Plug and play, convenient and portable to use.
2) Connects DisplayPort port compatible PCs to an HDTV, monitor, or projector with VGA port.
3) Transmits high-definition audio and video from your computer to an HDTV for video streaming or gaming.
4) Connect and configure your monitor for an Extended Desktop or Mirrored Displays.
5) Supports video resolutions up to 1920x1200 / 1080P (Full HD).

Note (This is very important)

1. DisplayPort connector with latches provides a secure connection with a release button that must be depressed before unplugging.
2. Can only convert signal from DisplayPort to VGA. This is not a bi-directional cable.
3. For some compatible devices, it might take a few seconds for the video to display.
4. DO NOT connect other adapter/converter to this adapter for a second signal convert, we can't guarantee it works well.
5. Of course, please prepare the VGA cable to make connection.

Cable Length


Package List

1 x DP to VGA Adapter

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