TV LED light for TV 4708-k32wdc-a2113n01 k320wdc 4708-k32wdc-a2113n01 4708-k32wdc-a2113w01 k320wdc1176021 k320wdc2b

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Product Description

The LED Backlight Advantage

  1. High brightness up to 700 nits

  2. Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours

  3. More energy saving

  4. Wide scope of application

  5. More environmentally friendly

  6. Easy to Install


New LED Backlight Bar

The price for 2 PCS 6LED(6V) 583mm

Material: Aluminum


As seen in the pictures,

Products are be tested before shipment, we insisted on the principle that if it’s not test is not shipped, so you can rest assured to buy!

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