Mobile Photography LED Light Phone Photo Video Flashlight Lighting for Macro, Nail, Dental, Manicure and Makeup Photography

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Mobile Photography Equipment

This product is the best solution for mobile photography and videography.
You can use your smartphone to shoot incredible photos and videos with high quality lighting.
The brightness of the fill light can be adjusted and you can control the brightness of each light separately to illuminate the object as you like.
The mobile LED light is equipped with the mobile phone clip that can be used with 99% of all smartphones (maximum width 110mm).
MK-016 is equipped with the non-slip handle.
MK-017 can be used as a handle or as a tripod.

The Mobile photography flash light is perfect for:
- product photography
- macro photography
- nail art / manicure photography
- tattoo art photography
- dental photography
- jewelry photography
- food photography
- advertisement photography

Examples Of Use

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max + MK-016

More photos:

Use in dentistry

(Dental photography)

Product Photos

Assembly Tutorial

Professional Mobile Photography Fill Light

Compact size (22*17*6.5cm)

Accurate color temperature

Adjustable brightness

Soft light (square aperture)
Filling light more evenly to reveal the beauty.

Adjustable phone clip

Non-slip handle

Can be used for:
- dentistry
- food shooting
- portrait shooting
- makeup shooting
- live streaming
- Macro shooting

Long battery life:
Battery capacity 2500 mAh
Certified Battery
C-Type charging port


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