Asian Paints Berger, 900ML, All in One Enamel, Durable For Interiors / Exteriors, White - 809N Off White

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Asian Paint Berger Enamel is based on a suitable alkyd that contains titanium dioxide. Colourfast shades offer a sturdy, solid and hardwearing shiny finish with concealing power and a strong build. You can easily purchase Asiant Paint Berger Enamel online from Homedevo at an affordable price; we also supply it in all parts of the UAE.

Application TypeInterior & Exterior Colour of productWhite CompatibilityMetal, Timber & Masonry Surfaces. Package TypeIndividual


The performance of Asian Paints Berger Enamel covering is straightforwardly related to the level of surface readiness.

  • Ensure the surface is spotless, dry, and liberated from all toxins.
  • Steel: Remove rust from the surface by sandblasting or different strategies to Swedish Standard Sa 2½.
  • Timber: Wood can also be treated with Berger Wood Preservative.
  • Masonry: Surface should be good and freed from laitance. Ensure laitance is removed by sweep blast or wire brush.

Application Details

  • Ensure that satisfactory ventilation is done during application and drying of Asian Paint Berger Enamel.
  • Try not to apply the Berger Enamel Paint when moisture reaches 85% and buildup is likely.
  • Ensure that the surface temperature should be 3 °C or more over the dew point while applying Asian Paints Berger Enamel.
  • First, stir the liquid entirely before use, utilizing a vertical lifting movement with an expansive level stirrer.

Note: Alkyd system on brickwork requires additional precautions, for example, satisfactory ventilation and light during a short time and after applying the Berger paint

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Interior & Exterior
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Metal, Timber & Masonry Surfaces.
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