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10 days

Minimum quantity for "READY- MIX CONCRETE ,C40/20 (OPC)" is 5.

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The rates are based on minimum load of 5m3/truck/trip and 200/truck is applicable for orders for less than 5M3/truck/trip

 Mobile pump-42 meter or less AED 15 /M3, Minimum Charge : 500/pour

Stationary Pump AED 15/M3, Minimum Charge 20000/Month

Gout for priming pump/pipelines , Minimum Charge 400/Trip

Stationary Normal pipeline AED12/M3, Minimum Charge 12000/Month

Temporary Pipeline AED 10/M3 ,Minimum Charge 500/Pour

Manual distributor AED 10/M3, Minimum Charge 1000/Pour

Hydraulic placing boom, AED 18000/month

Temperature degree : Greater than 30 degree celsius AED 10/M3

Temperature degree : Greater than 32 degree celsius AED 15/M3

Concrete will be temperature controlled at 32 degree Celsius maximum throughout the year and charge will apply throughout the year unless lower temperatures are specified